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CrystalKiwi Products

CrystalKiwi has a lengthy history in developing Crystal Reports Utilities.  This began with a smart report viewer and expanded that into Report Scheduling and Bursting.

We have had major success with some powerful User Function Libraries that extend Crystal Reports into some interesting areas.

Crystal Reports Tools

CrystalKiwi Scheduler

Do you need Crystal Report Automation? Our sophisticated report scheduler will support a schedule of reports you can schedule on a daily, weekly, monthly schedule. 

Parameters and output file names can be dynamic based on our advanced field processing features.

This scheduler has been built using the Crystal Reports 2011 and Dot Net Framework 4.0 so supports the latest versions of Windows and Crystal Reports.

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CrystalKiwi Bursting

Report Bursting involves taking one report, changing a parameter value, processing that with live data and sending each bursting run to a separate destination.

While this feature is built into the CrystalKiwi Scheduler, we have also taken that feature and made a stand alone application of it.  This is for those of you who only need a bursting task.

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CrystalKiwi Explorer

Do you need a report viewer for the people in your organization so they can view the reports you have designed? 

Our viewer lets you process your report against live data, interact with parameters and export the report to email.

We have created a easy to use report viewer that can be installed on your Windows PC.  It works on Windows 10, 8.5, 8.0, 7, Vista and even XP.  It supports Crystal Reports 2016 and all prior versions. It can be installed on a terminal server for multiple users, and can export reports via email without requiring an Outlook client. It sends email reports directly to the mail server. You can also use this viewer to view RPTR (Read Only) report files.

The February 2018 release includes a new AutoRefresh feature that lets you redisplay a report on your screen automatically.

We have included a powerful report bursting feature that lets you email personalized reports to multiple recipients.

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User Function Libraries

A User Function Library is an application component you can install on your Crystal Reports machine to extend the performance of your report. We have several for trial download and purchase here.